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Example of 5X play requirement:
If your bonus is 100,000 NLC, then you must play 500,000 cumulative NLC. Once you reach the required level, your bonus balance will automatically convert to unrestricted. Baccarat and poker excluded.
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Purchases are not available to U.S.A. customers and no IP masking devices should be used to defeat IP Geo Location filters to buy or play poker and bypassing restrictions to USA players and other restricted countries. Any account using such VPN software and detected will immediately be terminated. and coin returned to you. Thank you for respecting the rules.
No Limit Technology International, Inc Operating under Curacao jurisdiction license # 158184.
A % of all purchases made here will in turn be made by NLC at our exchanges. We encourage you to open accounts in and so you can cash out when needed or purchase more NLC or just trade.
For support email [email protected]